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Slide Original platinum MAKE A CHOICE MAKE A CHOICE replace the digestive enzymes your body has lost as you've aged, with these 5 different enzymes that cover the main food groups - with this natural supplement you can eat the foods you want and feel great afterwards supercharge your digestion & bring it back to life with this whopping 12 different digestive enzymes plus 2 vital probiotics - with this supplement there's nothing you can't eat!


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Products recommended by dr. julie gatza

Dr. Julie Gatza

See what one of the nation’s top physicians with more than 29 years of clinical experience & a highly popular speaker, currently heard on radio programs around the country has to say about AbsorbAid…

Absorbaid for digestion

“Not all vitamins are made equally & not all companies do it correctly…the one I use is AbsorbAid & the one I’ve been recommending to my patients for over 29 years is AbsorbAid”

Kolorex advanced candida care

“Curb sugar-hungry Candida with yeast fighting herbs (Kolorex)…take 1 capsule for 30 days & it actually helps to break the membrane of the yeast and the Candida & it starts to get rid of the excess & puts normal (microflora) balance back into the digestive system. It is the easiest, fastest thing I’ve seen in the 29 years of being a doctor to really handle this”

Dr. Julie Gatza interviewed live 9/30/20 on CBS Toledo OH local news channel WTOL 11

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Here at Nature's Sources we believe that nature knows best, and that's why we spend so much time finding natures' very best ingredients to give you relief

AbsorbAid Original 90 Digestive Enzymes happy stomach Healthy Stomach Replace the Enzymes you've lost Enzymes are necessary for digestion & absorption of nutrients. Enzyme production drops off rapidly after age 20, in fact by the time you're 50, you've lost more than half Candida Care Most common types are vaginal yeast infection, oral thrush & cutaneous candidiasis - this can be embarrassing & hard to cure but... Get relief and protect yourself now Happier Sex Life Don't allow a yeast infection to negatively affect your sex life - you can treat it and/or prevent it See the supplements that'll help Urogenital health It's estimated that one billion women around the world suffer from urogenital infections which include UTI, BV & other yeast infections - we can help Unique supplements that'll bring relief Gas & Bloating Avoid embarrassing situations & discomfort by improving your stomach health & digestion of the foods you eat Learn More Avid Sports Enthusiast For those with stronger biological demands, enabling quicker recovery, anti-inflammatory relief & regulation of metabolism See the supplements that'll help Happy Feet & Toes Itchy, stinging & burning feet and toes may be signs of athlete's foot, etc. - get help with stubborn fungi & get healthier feet now Get happier feet & toes Lip Health Learn More What do your lips say about your health? Generally speaking, your lips should be pink, soft & smooth Get healthier lips

AbsorbAid Reviews

"Instant relief, GOODBYE Tums..."
Valerie Barrios

Boston MA

"My wife's acid reflux problem solved!..."

Miami FL

"Money well spent!
Will buy again..."

Phoenix AZ

"Great product, does what it says..."

Austin TX


Kolorex Reviews

"Haven't gotten a yeast infection since taking..."
Tonia Shirley

Denver CO

"Helped clear up Perioral Dermatitis..."

Los Angeles CA

"Highly recommend... Candida detox..."

New York NY

"Finally something that works..."
Kathy Murray

San Francisco CA

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HOW'S YOUR STOMACH feeling & your digestion?

70,000,000 affected

up to 70 million Americans are affected by digestive diseases, according to the National Institute of Health

not feeling well

symptoms can include bloating, gas, nausea, constipation, diarrhea or feeling overly tired after eating

dr. recommended

Dr. Julie Gatza & Dr. David Magnano have publicly endorsed AbsorbAid as the top Digestive Enzyme formula available today

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tested by the Mayo Clinic & Roche Laboratories and written about in the New England Journal of Medicine & American College of Nutrition