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AbsorbAid Digestive Enzymes - Available in the Original formula or Platinum formula with Probiotics

AbsorbAid Original 90 Digestive Enzymes happy stomach

AbsorbAid - for a HAPPIER stomach

As we age...

Enzymes are necessary for digestion & absorption of nutrients and the more enzymes we have, the stronger our immune system will be. 

Enzymes are also necessary for things like tissue repair & metabolism, and they help to protect us by controlling certain responses relating to food allergies, high cholesterol, psoriasis, tumors, and may other problems.

 As we age enzyme production drops off rapidly (usually starting after age 20) in fact by the time we’re 50, we’ve lost more than half – this leads to problems with digestion, energy, food intolerance & other health problems. Like it or not, every day, our enzyme levels are dropping. 

We need to supplement the enzymes we’ve lost & get back to eating what we want & feeling good!

AbsorbAid Platinum 120 Digestive Enzymes features
AbsorbAid Platinum 120 Digestive Enzymes doctor recommended

Why choose AbsorbAid over others?

With so many supplement companies to choose from how do you know which one will have integrity with the product & ensure it’s effectiveness & quality? And how do you know if the formula is right or if they put enough of each ingredient in the capsule?

We have the answers to those important questions, & more importantly we CAN PROVE IT! Unlike 99% of other enzyme companies we’ve had our Enzyme formulas tested by renowned laboratories, the Mayo Clinic & Roche Labs. And we’ve also been featured in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, & our products have even been tested & studied involving patients & staff in the Chicago Medical School, Thorek Hospital & Medical Center in Chicago, IL. And, we have very strict quality control standards on ingredient selection and our manufacturing plant (here in US) has been certified as a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) company.

If you’re looking to replace those critical enzymes that you’ve lost & you don’t want to waste your money on an ineffective, unproven formula, then AbsorbAid is the obvious choice, as it’s the only one that has been scientifically proven to increase the absorption of vital nutrients by up to 71%. And if, for whatever reason, you’re not 100% satisfied we’ll refund your money no questions asked.

Which formula is right for me?

Original vs. Platinum

AbsorbAid Original has 5 different enzymes that cover portions of the main food groups. This complete formula contains:

1. Protease (from Bromelain) which assists in the digestion of protein & increases the production of energy. Protease is also known to act as a scavenger that seeks out and attempts to eliminate blood toxins, helps modulate the immune system and may correct hormonal imbalances. Protease is important in the fight to heal from injuries; it speeds wound & tissue repair. And where our bodies have become toxic due to heavy metals, it helps to break these elements down & eliminates the toxins.

2. Lactase is essential to the complete digestion of whole milk & other dairy products; it breaks down lactose, a sugar which gives milk its sweetness.

3. Lipase is made by our pancreas & helps digest fats (lipids).

4. Amylase helps convert starches & glycogen into simple sugars & is found in saliva & pancreatic fluid

5. Cellulase is essential for digesting fruits, herbs & vegetables; it is not something that we naturally produce in our bodies

AbsorbAid Platinum has higher amounts of everything mentioned above plus 7 additional active enzymes (12 total) plus 2 vital Probiotics – with this formula there’s nothing you can’t eat!

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"It really works...I feel so much better..."

AbsorbAid has helped thousands of people just like Carol Occhipinti from Chicago (video testimonial above) & it can help you, or your get your money back with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can also get FREE samples by clicking the button below.

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