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4 Steps for Treating Candida Overgrowth, Naturally!

An Interview with Dr. Julie Gatza Under normal conditions, we humans have a naturally occurring critter called candida albicans growing in our gastrointestinal tracts. This organism, a yeast, is usually benign. However, if allowed to over-grow and proliferate, candida’s presence in and on our bodies may have seriously detrimental effects on our health, triggering symptoms […]

Kolorex Scientific Testing

Kolorex products are developed by years of science. Horopito & Polygodial – Proven Anti-Candida Herb exclusively from New Zealand. In 1982 researchers at Canterbury University published compelling results showing the extraordinary anti-fungal activity of Horopito extracts against the yeast-like fungus Candida albicans. This activity is due to the main active ingredient, polygodial. Since the identification of […]

AbsorbAid Clinical Studies by the Mayo Clinic & Roche Labs

AbsorbAid® is a unique digestive enzyme. The only one that has been scientifically proven to increase the absorption of vital nutrients by up to 71%. These results come from Mayo Clinic Labs and Roche Labs. AbsorbAid® is the safer and better option to neutralize stomach acidity and relieve heartburn, indigestion or upset stomach. AbsorbAid® also […]

Allergies? Try digestive enzymes

Do you have allergies? Millions of people develop allergies in their lifetime. But why? Generally, stress plays a major role in the development of various allergies such as hay fever, pet, environmental, or food, due to the effect it has on the digestive system.  As primitive people our “fight or flight” response kicked in only […]