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Kolorex FAQ’s

What is the key ingredient in the Kolorex Total Care range?
The key to the Kolorex range is Kolorex Horopito leaf. This comes from high quality specimens of the traditional New Zealand herb Horopito. These plants are grown organically in their natural habitat and each harvest must pass and independent test for quality prior to use in the Kolorex range.

Is Kolorex Horopito safe?
The herb has a long history of traditional use and millions of units of Kolorex products have been sold in the last twenty years. There are very rare accounts of allergic reaction to genital application of Intimate Care cream. As a precaution rub some cream inside your elbow and leave for several hours to see if your skin reacts.

Are Kolorex oral products regulated as a dietary supplements?
Yes. Kolorex products are designed to help maintain general well being. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Why have you introduced an oil filled soft gel formulation?
The olive oil in the softgel serves as an excellent carrier for Kolorex Horopito extract. Some people find this formulation easier to take that the powdered herb capsules.

Are the Kolorex powdered herb capsules or the softgel capsules stronger?
Both formulations are designed to provide about the same amount of the main ingredient. The choice comes down to availability and personal preference.

Are chemicals used to make the extract?
No. The extract that goes into Kolorex softgels and and creams is produced by subjecting Kolorex Horopito leaf to CO2 gas under high pressure (supercritical extraction). This process is acknowledged as the cleanest in the industry because when the pressure is released the harmless gas is removed and there are no residues, just extract.

How should I take my Kolorex capsules or softgels?
We recommend they be taken on a full stomach and washed well down with water.

How long can I keep taking Kolorex capsules or softgels?
They can be taken long term without problems but it may be useful to alternate them with other suitable products. We suggest you discuss long term usage with a suitably experienced health professional.

Are Kolorex products okay to use during pregnancy?
There is no known evidence of teratogenicity, but as a precaution the capsules and softgels are not recommended during pregnancy.

Will Kolorex products interact with other herbal or prescription medicines?
There is no report of any interactions but consult your health professional if you are taking multiple supplements.

Why do Kolorex creams feel hot when I apply them to sensitive skin?
Kolorex Horopito leaves are naturally hot, not unlike cayenne pepper. During the extraction process the activity and heat are concentrated so that even the small amount that goes into the creams can produce a sense of heat. This can be quite sharp if the creams are applied to sensitive, damaged tissue.

Why do Kolorex capsules make me feel unwell?
People occasionally experience nausea or stomach discomfort after taking Kolorex capsules or softgels, particularly the first few times. This may be due to the natural heat of Kolorex Horopito (similar to cayenne). If the feeling persists we recommend that you cease taking and/or consult a suitably experienced health professional.

Can I use Kolorex products for children or invalids?
It is the strength of Kolorex Horopito that makes it so powerful but this may present a challenge for the young or frail. Begin with very small amounts and only if they are well tolerated build up to the packet recommendation.