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AbsorbAid FAQ’s

Why would I need to take the Platinum formula instead of regular AbsorbAid®?

Platinum is a comprehensive blend that includes 12 enzymes and two heat stable probiotics that work to support digestion and your immune system.† Individuals that lead a more active lifestyle, perhaps eating a diet more rich in animal proteins, require increased proteolytic enzymes to support digestion.  Also, those people putting stronger demands upon their digestive system due to living a fast-paced life, eating out frequently, consuming larger amounts of fast foods and devitalized food need the support of Platinum. This formula contains a 100% natural plant-based enzyme blend to support digestion of all food forms including meat, dairy, beans, fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, and fats.

Can I take AbsorbAid® Platinum if I am taking medications?

It is always best to check with your physician.

Will AbsorbAid® Platinum  work for people in any age group?

Yes, AbsorbAid® Platinum does not discriminate due to age. In fact, those people who are of senior citizen age need digestive enzyme support.†

Can AbsorbAid® Platinum assist my body with gas, bloating, belching after eating certain foods?

Most likely, AbsorbAid® Platinum is rich in a full spectrum of enzymes that help support the body’s break down offending particles such as beans, the outer covering of fruits vegetables, dairy products, carbohydrates and more!† Taking AbsorbAid® Platinum just prior to eating and one or two capsules during a meal, if the meal is heavier, to support more of what the body needs to digest those foods.†

Will I notice more energy if my food is being broken down into absorbable molecules?†

Yes, this is often one of the first things people notice. When your body has an adequate supply of nutrients from the foods you eat you will naturally feel a surge of energy due to the elevated amount of nutrients flowing into your bloodstream.†

Can AbsorbAid Platinum® help me support weight management along with a healthy diet?

Yes. AbsorbAid® Platinum will help support feeling full.† AbsorbAid Platinum® is a natural way to help curb your appetite.†