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AbsorbAid® 240 Vegi. Capsules

2 Reviews

Home / Shop / AbsorbAid® 240 Vegi. Capsules

AbsorbAid® 240 Vegi. Capsules

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AbsorbAid® is often recommended by medical doctors, has been clinically tested, and scientifically proven!

What makes our plant enzyme formulas superior?


  • Our proprietary blend and stabilization process make it useful in a wide pH range so it works well for more individuals.
  • Has been clinically tested and scientifically proven by prestigious labs such as Roche and Mayo Clinic Laboratories.
  • Proven to increase vital nutrient absorption by up to 71%
  • Written about in the New England Journal of Medicine as an important consideration for nutrient support.
  • Used successfully directly in feeding tubes in a clinical nursing home trial . Proven to increase their protein absorption.
  • Stomach acid stable and active in the small intestines where most nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream
  • 100% vegetarian! Available in capsules or powder.
  • Supports more of what you eat being turned into energy.
  • May help to promote gut function and support the immune system.
  • Perfect for those who need enzyme support
  • Perfect for those who often eat heated foods where enzymes have been destroyed
  • Great idea for those who do not eat enough fruits and vegetables
  • For those who need support for nutrient absorption or inadequate intake of nutrients in their daily diet.
  • May support metabolism and level of wellness by helping to make available critical nutrients, amino acids and essential fatty acids.


2 Reviews for AbsorbAid® 240 Vegi. Capsules

  • Okay. I like Platinum better than the regular Absorb Aid powder form. I Just take 1/2 a pill when I eat. - Thursday, March 26, 2015
    I have celiac sprue and for some reason I've been experiencing a serious flare up of heart burn and nothing is working right now. I believe it might be a magnesium deficiency after I've tried everything else, but I also need digestive enzymes right now to help. So I tried this Platinum version and the heart burn did go away after about 2 days of use, but 1 capsule seemed potent. Well what helped was taking the capsule apart and talking 1/2. Noticed it worked better if I just put the enzyme powder at the back of my throat and drank it down with some water instead of taking the 1/2 in the gel cap. Heart burn went away. Then a few days ago I went and purchased the regular Absorb Aid in powder form as I had run out of the Platinum. I couldn't sleep last night after dinner. Was bad the day before, but last night was really bad so I'm back to buying another bottle of the Platinum. AND Prices are much better
  • Great product for digestive issues - Tuesday, February 10, 2015
    This product helped so much with stomach issues it was amazing. Hubby is lactose intolerant and can now have things with cheese (like pizza) without an issue. I take it just to make digestion easier and it has helped with indigestion/sour stomach and the like. I always keep some handy at home, work and in my purse.
    Lisa from New York
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