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NEW Kolorex® Cranberry And Horopito 60 Vcaps

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NEW Kolorex® Cranberry And Horopito 60 Vcaps

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General Information

Designed for women who suffer from urinary tract infections (UTI’s), Kolorex® Cranberry And Horopito is a world-first formulation. It contains two of the world’s most premium ingredients for women’s urogenital health.
Pacran comes from whole fruit cranberry and provides the full spectrum of cranberry benefits, with a standardised level of bio-active proanthocynidins, as well as other key cranberry components such as phenolic, organic acids, fibers, fatty acid, proteins and sugars. Pacran is the most studied and proven cranberry product on the market today. Each capsule of Kolorex® Cranberry And Horopito contains equivalent of 25,000mg fresh cranberry fruit, which makes it both high strength and equivalent to other market leading cranberry products.
Kolorex® Horopito is perhaps the world’s most potent natural anti-fungal, with over 20 years of research demonstrating its anti-Candida properties. Grown by us in clean, green New Zealand, Kolorex® Horopito supports the fight against Candida infections which can occur following antibiotic use.

A Clear Advantage

Kolorex® High Strength Cranberry Plus is a natural product that supports urogenital health, assisting those who have suffered from a UTI or recurrent UTI. For Women who have suffered from one or more UTI’s, For Women who have been prescribed antibiotics for a UTI and don’t want to develop vaginal thrush, For those who are already using a cranberry product Kolorex® Cranberry Plus Horopito offers added anti-fungal functionality.

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