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Scientific Testing and Kolorex Horopito Product News

Learning from and testing traditional medicinal use and the strong antifungal properties of horopito.

Forest Herbs Research utilises the combined evidence from traditional medicine and ongoing scientific research and testing to formulate its horopito-based products from this unique and ancient herb.

Horopito & Polygodial – Proven Anti-Candida Herb

In 1982 researchers at Canterbury University published compelling results showing the extraordinary antifungal activity of horopito extracts against the yeast-like fungus Candida albicans. This activity is due to the main active ingredient, polygodial.
Since the identification of polygodial in horopito, there have been numerous scientific papers published confirming both in vitro and in vivo this unique and effective antifungal activity.
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Traditional Usage – A History of Safe Remedial Use

Plants containing polygodial have been used traditionally as foods and medicines in NZ, Japan, South America and Africa. This traditional use supports its safe use. Polygodial and horopito have also undergone scientific tests to ensure that they are safe for human use (both external and internal).

Ongoing Scientific Testing – Monitoring Efficacy

Horopito leaf, horopito extract and Kolorex products are scientifically tested by Cawthron Institute and Southern Cross Plant Science to check antifungal efficacy against Candida albicans and to assay the polygodial content.
Each batch of  Kolorex softgels undergoes a challenge test for efficacy. In the laboratory the sample is inoculated with approximately one million live colonies of Candida albicans. The number of colonies are monitored and measured after 3 and 7 days to ensure the efficacy of the product.
Each supercritical CO2 oleoresin extract of horopito used in Kolorex creams and softgels is analysed to determine the polygodial content. Polygodial is the compound which ensures antifungal activity against Candida albicans and gives Kolorex creams their heat and softgels their peppery pungent taste. The hotter they are the stronger the antifungal power.

Bringing You Kolorex Herbal Remedies for Candida Since 1985

Farming – anti-fungal & anti-bacterial herb – horopito organically, scientifically testing it, and offering its health benefits to you since 1985.

Forest Herbs Research Ltd has been harnessing the potent anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of the native New Zealand herb horopito (Pseudowintera colorata), one of the earth’s original flowering plant,  since 1985.

 Focus: Harnessing the Health Benefits of NZ’s Unique Plants & Herbs

Isolated in the South Pacific, with a vast climatic range, New Zealand developed many unique plant species.  Forest Herbs was formed to research and develop the natural health properties of these plants.
Growing on founder Peter Butler’s original organic fruit farm, the ancient herb, horopito has been the focus of our work:

  • developing sustainable growing and harvesting regimes for horopito,
  • and finding selections which are particularly effective against Candida albicans.

Finding & Growing the Most Effective Horopito

The key to the effectiveness of the Kolorex range is the beautiful Kolorex Horopito herb.  All the wild populations in New Zealand were tested to find those that were 5 times more active than the others. And it is these powerfully anti-fungal and anti-bacterial herbs that are sustainably harvested for use in Kolorex products.
Kolorex creams and softgels are derived from the powerful Kolorex Horopito selection, which is organically grown on Forest Herbs’ own farms.

Research Today: Kolorex Herbal Remedies for Candida

Our herbal products are sold internationally under the Kolorex brand and consist of oral formulas, topical creams and an extract ingredient, which have taken years of research and trials before commercial release.